Family 1st Nutrition
Family 1st Nutrition


  • Baby Led Weaning

    Baby Led Weaning is a new way of introducing solids to a baby. With this approach one gives a baby pieces of soft food to eat with her hands
  • Baby Feeding 101!

    Feeding your baby the right way from the start is very important, as it forms the basis for eating habits for the rest of his life. Instead of just fo...
  • Healthy Snack Boxes

    If you want your child to perform at his best at pre-school or school, make sure that you pack a healthy snack box. Another very important reason for...
  • Win with your fussy eater!

    To get all the right food in your child's body is an art! In the growing up process he discovers that he can choose for himself and what better place ...
  • Kids Party Table!

    Kids party tables does not need to overflow with sweets. Parties is about fun, it’s not about loads of sweets. When your child chooses a theme for hi...
  • Baby Feeding Myths busted!

    Your baby may enjoy his rooibos tea, but is this really good for him?
  • Family activity – healthy snacks!

    Teach your kids to have fun and that having a healthy snack is so good!
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2 week family supper menu Product Information 
2 week family supper menu

Item code 009
Price R 80,00
2 weeks Toddler snack-box menu Product Information 
2 weeks Toddler snack-box menu

Item code 014
Price R 50,00
90 Day Baby Menu Product Information 
90 Day Baby Menu

Item code 018
Price R 90,00
CleanEat Baby Bib System Product Information 
CleanEat Baby Bib System
(2 Reviews)
Item code 005
Size One size fits all
Starting From R 185,00
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Toddler Snack Box Menu for Picky Eaters Product Information 
Toddler Snack Box Menu for Picky Eaters

Item code 008
Price R 50,00