Best vitamins for kids

By Zelda Ackerman RD(SA)

Many moms feel that their little ones need a supplement, but with tons of multi-vitamins available on the South African market, the choice becomes more difficult!

Vitamins and minerals are important for children’s overall health, growth and development and optimal brain function. They are also needed for a healthy immune system and may even help to prevent chronic disease. Healthy food remains the best way to give your children all the nutrients that they need and supplements should only be used to supplement those nutrients that may be lacking, not to replace healthy food.

Who needs supplements?

Children with suboptimal growth

Children with a poor appetite

Children who regularly become ill

Picky eaters

Children with multiple food allergies

Vegetarian or vegan children

Overweight children


How to choose the best multivitamin supplement

We took the following into consideration when choosing the top ten supplements for babies and children:

Critical micronutrients for babies and children

The specific amounts of each vitamin and mineral



Value for money

Directions for use

After reviewing nearly 50 different multivitamin and -mineral supplements for babies and children in South Africa, according to our criteria, these are the best ones to choose.


Top 4 supplements for children 6 months – 5 years 

  1. Mi-Vitamin MixMe Vitamin Mineral Powder
  2. Emvit Sprinkles
  3. Vi-Daylin plus iron
  4. Vitabiotics WellKid Baby & Infant


Top 6 supplements for children 4-8 years

  1. Mi-Vitamin Vitamin Mineral Supplement for children 3-12 years
  2. Vitabiotics Well Kid Smart Chewable
  3. Centrum Kids
  4. TurboKidz Smart Multi Chews
  5. Bettaway Betta Kidz Chewable Multivitamin & Minerals
  6. Creche Guard Gummies Multi-Vit one a day



Supplements that are suitable for a large age group and are given in larger doses to older children easily provide more than the tolerable upper limit for some vitamins and minerals. This is dangerous and such products should be avoided.


Check the expiry date before you buy. Store supplements in a cool dry place, out of reach of children.

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4 thoughts on “Best vitamins for kids

  1. My son is born on 10 April 2013, meaning, he is 5 years, can I give him emvit SPRINKLES?

    1. Hi Helena, yes you can!

  2. Hi
    Wat Is best Vitamin for a 13 Month Baby?

    1. Hi Linda

      I would recommend Mi-vitamin multivitamin powder.

      Enjoy your toddler!
      Kind Regards

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