90 day Baby Led Weaning Menu


90 day menu, designed by Registered Dietitian,  that outlines when to give which foods to your baby when starting on solids.


Introducing your baby to solid food is one of the most important things you will teach her. Research shows us that eating habits that are learned in childhood tend to be carried into adulthood. This means that if you do it right from the beginning, your baby will learn healthy eating habits and positive attitudes towards food that will make sure that she is a healthy child as well as a healthy adult.  In this amazing product you can expect the following:

1.  90 Days menu to help you introduce solids to your baby.
2.  It outlines how to introduce different foods, what to give at each meal, the appropriate amount of food to give, guidelines and short recipes on food preparation.
3.  All the important principles on solid introduction in a practical and helpful way.
4.  Valuable guidelines on what to do after the first 90 days.


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